Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Ten Things

Olivia Ryan posted this link http://withinkfromthepinkpen.blogspot.com where you are supposed to divulge ten things about yourself. It doesn't say they have to be interesting facts so...

1. I'm in love with Carol Vorderman.
2. My first name is not Keith.
3. I'm in love with Joanna Lumley.
4. I've fallen off my bicycle so many times and in so many different ways I've written a book about it.
5. I'm in love with Cherie Lunghi.
6. My all time favourite film of all time is Ice Cold In Alex.
7. I'm in love with Felicity Kendal.
8. I don't know how to use a mobile phone.
9. I'm in love with Babs off Pan's People.
10. I have great difficulty taking anything seriously.

If you think I shouldn't have bothered, I agree with you.


  1. Hi Keith (or perhaps I should say Hi 'Not Keith'!). I think you definitely SHOULD have bothered - I now know a lot more about you, and especially about the women you're in love with! (A rich fantasy life is a Must for a writer!).
    And I think your No.10 is definitely the key to the other 9! I'm most fascinated by No.4 though.....

  2. Babs from Pan's People...! And I thought you were only 21. How wrong can you be?

  3. Thanks, Olivia.
    No.4 is a bit of an exaggeration. I put a few of my cycling stories together and put them in a home-made booklet. Available at all good Craft Fairs. (At least the ones where my wife sells her greetings cards).
    Hi, Jarmara.
    Don't tell Robert Powell about me and his wife.

  4. Keith, you make me smile :-) Have you heard back from the magazine you did the rewrite for?