Monday, 24 October 2011

I'm Romantic (Sometimes)

Just a short trip up the M1 to Chesterfield on Saturday to take part in Sally Quilford's workshop on pocket novels for My Weekly and People's Friend. Also there was my friend Carol from Nottingham Writers' Club. It was a fantastic day. Sally is very friendly and relaxed which rubbed off on all the attendees. As well as learning the dos and don'ts of writing romance for these magazines we all had a lot of laughs. In addition, I swapped blog addresses with a couple of the other participants so my writers' network continues to grow. So if you get the chance to go to one of Sally's workshops I thoroughly recommend it.

Just to show that I did learn something (or not – you decide):

Keith's lips brushed Sally's cheek as they embraced and said their goodbyes. Turning swiftly away before his rugged good looks betrayed the sadness in his eyes, he left Chesterfield Market Hall wondering if they would ever meet again.


  1. Keith, you can bring those rugged good looks over to my place any time.

  2. :-)
    I'm sure Mrs Dream it, is happy about that.
    But I agree with you Keith, it was learning with fun thrown in, and that really helped all of us.

  3. Oh I do like that extract, Keith. Now you have to finish the whole novella! :-)

    It was great to meet you. Thank you for coming and taking part with such enthusiasm.

  4. Careful Keith. Sally will be demanding a chunk of the Large Print PLR if you feature her as the heroine. Muse Fees! ;-)

  5. I enjoyed every minute, Sally and thanks for coming across to my blog too, Alison. It was nice to have three '100 Stories' contributors in the same room. Glad you have both found Carol's blog as well.