Wednesday, 12 October 2011

It's A Funny Old Game

It's a funny game this writing lark isn't it? At Trowell Writers we held our annual prize giving day on Sunday and it was the best turnout we'd had for a few years.

Since I've been extremely busy this year with magazine submissions and various competitions I only put one entry into the short story section this time. I thought the plot was a good idea at the time but when I read it back to myself it didn't flow as well as I'd hoped. It was a story based on the Three Wise Men but you weren't supposed to work that out until the end. I had done some research and used ancient names for the characters and also for the various places they travelled through. In other words I was trying to be a smart-arse. The completed work seemed a bit laboured but with the deadline approaching I sent it in anyway not believing it would get in the top three.

You've guessed haven't you? I wouldn't be telling you this otherwise and the picture is a bit of a giveaway. It won. Not only that, I was given the award for the best overall piece across the various categories. The judges said that they liked to see someone stretching the vocabulary but cautioned me not to overdo it.

This is me doing my impression of Nobby Stiles. You have to know about 1960s footballers to get that one.


  1. Congratulations Keith, great start to the trophy season.
    I've often found the pieces of writing that I don't think are quite right, often turn out to do well with the judge.

  2. Huge congratulations on this fabulous win. I think the stories that plague us with doubts are often the ones that are the most successful. The worries and doubts show that you have put heart and soul into the writing. And it shows.

    I think it is also part of a writer's nature to fret about whether the finished story is perfect. Maybe we wouldn't be able to keep writing if we didn't feel that burning need to get it right. So it's a good sign when a story niggles at you, even after it's submitted.

    I remember Nobby Stiles well. It's made me want to write something set in the sixties now!

  3. Many congratulations, Keith! When do we get to read the story?

  4. Well done Keith! Great photo! Good luck for your next writing project too as this is a great sign for all your future projects.

  5. Thanks, Carol. See you on Wednesday.

    Thanks for your comments, Joanna. Write that story.

    Thanks, Frances. I'll check with Trowell Writers that it's o.k. to post it here. It's 1500 words so it will be a long blog.

    Thanks, Jarmara. Always nice to hear from you.

  6. Very well done! What a magnificent trophy Keith. We'll have to have a word about the little token ones that are handed out at NWC!!

    Thank you for commeting on my blog. You are a great supporter. For this reason, I'd like to award you a Friendly Blogger Award. I have to choose 10 people and you are my first. I'm writing a new post about it today, and who I've chosen. So look out for it later and then cut and paste it onto your blog - then it's up to you to choose 10 more!!

    Sadly, I know who Nobby Stiles is!! :(

    Bye for now! : )

  7. Thanks for the award, Angela. Don't worry about the NWC trophies - size isn't everything. See you on Wednesday too.

  8. Congratulations, Keith. That sounds like a story I'd like to read!

  9. Thanks for coming across from Angela's blog to have a look, Pam. I'll see what I can do about the story.