Friday, 7 October 2011

Mixed Fortunes

It's been a mixed couple of weeks.

Received a rejection of four stories from Yours magazine. Another rejection from an agent. Didn't get in to the top places of the Red Cross short story competition for Day of the Disappeared.

As I'd hoped, the winning entries for the Didsbury Arts Festival short story competition have appeared on the website. You can read them here

Still have a few competition results coming up so there's plenty to look forward to. A couple of workshops as well to keep me busy.

One small piece of good news. Came second in Nottingham Writers' Club summer short story competition.

My blogger has been acting up again. Sometimes my headings (Create Blog, Sign In – that sort of thing) are appearing in French. I don't know if this is connected but some of my comments haven't been appearing on your posts either. I can only apologise. Je m'excuse.


  1. Zut alors! Well done on the good news. We just have to try and shrug off the bad. But maybe you can send those rejected stories to another market?

  2. Ca ne fait rien, mon petit!

    (Oh - and congrats for the competition. As for rejections, well, we all know about those!)

  3. Maybe there's a French blogger somewhere (France perhaps?) who keeps getting comments from you?

  4. Merci beaucoup, tout le monde.
    No worries. I already have plans for those rejected stories.

  5. Enjoy revisiting the returned stories and then have the thrill of the wait all over again. Some of mine have succeeded at the fourth attempt. And those which don't work for you can be reworked/rewritten into a powerful new version. Best of luck with them all.

  6. You're right, Joanna. I've reworked a lot of my stories too. While there are stories out there there is a lot of waiting. And while there's waiting, there's hope.

  7. Some fall on stony ground. Actually more fall on stony ground than not, but if you're not chucking them about then none will... ooh er, I'm getting tangled up in my own metaphor here... you know what I mean.