Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Cause And Effect

Hooray! I have my Followers back.
For months I haven't been able to see the Follower icons on my blog page. Then last week my browser decided to update itself and they reappeared. I've now been able to become a Follower of some of you who befriended me since they vanished. It feels like a reunion.

A number of incidents at college has brought the theme of 'consequences' into my mind. This can make a good plot-line if done cleverly but I'm not sure if I have the skill to do it. This is the series of events which made me think of it:

Students have been congregating under the stairwells at each end of the building. They are not supposed to because they are fire exits but we have been turning a blind eye to it. Recently the areas have been left strewn with litter, graffiti has appeared on the walls and damage has been done so we have now put them out of bounds. Thus the consequences of a minority have now spoilt it for others. I had to explain this to a group the other day and ask them to move. One of them gave me some lip and kicked his basketball against the wall in temper. I confiscated the ball and took his name. When I checked the student database I discovered he should have been in a lesson so this has now been reported. The consequences of his tantrum has resulted in inconvenience for himself and a reprimand from his teacher. In addition I now know his name and will be keeping a check on him.

Now the theme is in my head I can't get rid of it and I know it will drive me mad until I can come up with something. I suppose that's a consequence of my over-active mind.


  1. Could be the basis for a We-need-to-talk-about-Keven type of novel?

    (You may thank me for this one day...)

    Oh - and please could you get rid of your WV thingy? Wonderful Jinksy taught me how to do it yesterday, and I actually managed it!

  2. Glad everything is working as it should now!
    Good luck when you write about consequences, as you surely will - it will torment you until you do :-)

    (I had to get rid of the WV on my blog - they've made it worse!)

  3. Everything we do has consequences - even though sometimes we don't see what they are.

  4. Thanks, Frances, Teresa and Patsy. I've just disabled WV. I noticed it had become harder to recognise last week. I hope I don't get a load of spam now.

  5. I disabled the VW and although I do get spam, Blogger has caught all of it so far.

  6. Hi Keith, Glad to know all is back working again. Can't wait to find out what you've been up to these last few weeks.

  7. I'm thinking of something on these lines but it'll be a while until I do as I'm super busy with the other projects. I think you're brave standing up to teenagers.