Tuesday, 28 May 2013


This blogging lark isn't as easy as you think is it?

It's nearly the end of May and I didn't post at all in April so I thought I'd better get something down pronto.

Time management has been a problem. I've been trying to keep the magazines busy with a few submissions and I've managed to sell a few more stories. I have a total of five not yet published – People's Friend, Take A Break, Yours and two in The Weekly News. Being a competition junkie means even more time taken up. Plus, we're in the middle of the exam season so I'm working up at the local college in my invigilator rĂ´le. Then there are the other distractions like Test Cricket, the Cycling Grand Tours and the forthcoming British & Irish Lions rugby tour to Australia.

On top of all that there's the domestic stuff of everyday life like decorating, gardening, repairs etc.

The other problem is that you've all been posting such interesting stuff about writing, publishing and competitions that my trivia will seem a bit... well... trivial. Then there's the contract controversy at DC Thomson which several blogs have commented on including womagwriter and my friend and colleague at Nottingham Writers' Club, Carol.

I know you've all probably got your own personal excuses for not doing what you feel you ought to be doing so I don't expect a great deal of sympathy. So, good luck to everyone with their writing projects this summer and please continue diverting me with your fascinating blogs.


  1. I think half of what I post on my blog is trivia (my recent post is a case in point!) It's funny the old waiting game for stories to be published - I have several that I am waiting to come out in PF, WW and FF- it's lovely when they do though. The Weekly News is another kettle of fish entirely - two stories sent a year ago and nothing heard from them!

  2. I do sympathise - finding time to do everything we'd like to is a real struggle.

  3. There are never enough hours, Keith. :-)

    Your posts are never trivial, and well done on the latest short story sales.

  4. I haven't posted since last year! I can use moving house as an excuse for only so long...

  5. WW is one I've not managed to crack yet, Wendy. Jill Finlay has just taken a few months to clear the backlog of stories at TWN but I'm surprised you haven't heard anything.

    You're partly to blame with all the comps you post about, Patsy!

    Thanks, Carol. See you next week.

    Hopefully you can soon post about your two books, Helen. See you soon.

  6. It's hard to believe that we've almost reached the longest day and are already halfway through 2013. You've achieved such a lot in the last few months, Keith, with all of your writing projects. I find it hard to do everything I want to as there are only so many available hours, and as inspiration tends to lead me where it chooses, but which might not necessarily be to the piece of work I have in mind! Have a great weekend!

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  8. Thanks for visiting my blog, Sharon. As long as inspiration comes today it doesn't matter where it leads. Maybe tomorrow it will take you somewhere else.