Monday, 30 August 2010

Man At Work

Isn't creative writing wonderful?

Whether you think of it as a profession, a hobby or an occasional pastime you can always claim to be working. Are you like me, either planning the next phase of your WIP or thinking up future new plots? Ernest Hemingway once said that writing is long periods of thinking and short periods of writing and that's good enough for me. I can do it lying in bed while waiting to fall asleep or when I wake up before I get up. I can do it while shopping, out on a bike ride or listening to Test Match Special.

So, as a writer, how many hours a week do you think you work? I know that many scribblers claim to always have a notepad handy so they can jot down ideas that spring to mind. Some even have them by their bed at night. Now, as a former shift worker, I know that counts as triple time.

Unfortunately my wife also claims I can do it while, hoovering, ironing or decorating. So it's not all good news.


  1. I'm not sure how many hours I spent writing. As I've just taken a week off to spend time recharging my writing batteries and gathering ideas for articles and stories as well as spending time with my much beloved... oh, and wandering around bookshops looking at places which might be suitable for selling my novel once it is completed.... You see I just don't stop thinking about writing even when I'm not writing

  2. I completely agree. I even write books while reading books, and then have to read whole pages all over again because it's actually impossible to do both at once. I've just finished my WIP (not IP any more) and am lost, because what shall I think about now? No new plot yet, so I might go back to short stories. I have to have my fix.

  3. I'm sure something will come to you eventually, Frances. Sometimes I try and think less about the plot and more about the theme. It may take some time but a story slowly forms in my head.