Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Do It Now

A subject that seems to crop up quite often in the blogs I follow is procrastination and there's a feature on it in this month's Candis. I really must get round to reading it sometime...

No, seriously, I did read it and it recommends The Procrastination Equation by Dr Piers Steel.

We often joke about it but the consequences can be serious if it impacts your health, your finances or your job. Apparently there are three types:

1. Arousal - the thrill of getting close to deadlines
2. Avoidance - fear of failure
3. Decisional - lack of confidence

Fortunately there are techniques to overcome the problem:

1. Find out what's stopping you
2. Put distractions out of sight
3. Break down your tasks
4. Proritise
5. Share your problems with a friend
6. Reward yourself
7. Don't lie to yourself
8. Commit some time to the tasks you should be doing

I shall make a start on that list straight away. Starting with number 6.

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Back Down To Earth

Well, I didn't win the 2 nights at a Best Western Hotel. (See previous post). I didn't get anywhere in the latest Nottingham Writers' Club competition either. After the successes of the last few months I've been brought back to reality. I know I shouldn't be greedy and you can't win 'em all but I still felt a bit down. I suppose it's a good thing really. It was getting so I could hardly get my head through the door. And then a wonderful thing happened.

On Friday, out of the blue, I received an e-mail from one of the ladies at NWC. She hadn't had a chance to speak to me at Wednesday's meeting but wanted to let me know how much she had enjoyed my winning short story from the Winter competition. (See 28th May post below). Not only did she commend me on my content and structure she thought my punctuation was spot on too.

It's nice to win cups and prizes but, after all, they are just a measure of what others think of our work. That e-mail was worth several trophies to me. The fact that she had taken the trouble to write in detail about my effort gave me a big boost. Like most of you, I write to entertain other people. It's good to know I'm achieving my aim.