Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Do It Now

A subject that seems to crop up quite often in the blogs I follow is procrastination and there's a feature on it in this month's Candis. I really must get round to reading it sometime...

No, seriously, I did read it and it recommends The Procrastination Equation by Dr Piers Steel.

We often joke about it but the consequences can be serious if it impacts your health, your finances or your job. Apparently there are three types:

1. Arousal - the thrill of getting close to deadlines
2. Avoidance - fear of failure
3. Decisional - lack of confidence

Fortunately there are techniques to overcome the problem:

1. Find out what's stopping you
2. Put distractions out of sight
3. Break down your tasks
4. Proritise
5. Share your problems with a friend
6. Reward yourself
7. Don't lie to yourself
8. Commit some time to the tasks you should be doing

I shall make a start on that list straight away. Starting with number 6.


  1. I can relate to all three types! It's very easy for these experts to come up with techniques to overcome the problem and we all know it makes sense, but... what was I saying? I don't know where I was going with this. Number 6 sounds good to me :-)

  2. I fully believe you can't be a writer unless you suffer from Procrastination Disorder. But then again, it's surely part of the writer's personality? We're all dally-daydreamers at heart aren't we? Isn't that how we get to invent our stories? Well that's my excuse anyway!

  3. Thank you for these tips... Now I've go all my other tasks done I can focus on my writing. That always works for me. Until the place looks untidy and I have friends and family coming over then I panic and have to start polishing the house instead of my novel, but six is good.

  4. That was quite a revealation.

    Let me just create a spreadsheet to analise my excuses, I mean reasons and that's my day sorted!

  5. It all looks so easy when you put it in a list like that! I think generally we know what we need to get done - it's starting that's the problem. And other things are always more appealing than the most urgent task. Like I still really need to take my tax form out of the envelope. But first I intend to go to the garden centre to look for a small tree. And then I'll have to plant it...

  6. Ah! Did my tax return last week!

  7. You must have problems if you're all 3 types, Teresa. Although it can't be that much of a burden considering all the successes you've had.

    Comforting to know that procrastination is a prerequisite of being a writer. I hope you're right, Olivia.

    I'm sure your friends won't mind a bit of dust, Jarmara.

    Welcome, Baggy. I'm sure a spreadsheet will help.

    Prioritise, Joanne. Prioritise!

  8. I think blogging and commenting on other people's blogs (!) is my greatest hurdle to doing any real writing. Sometimes I wish the internet had never been invented!

  9. I suspect it's too much of No 6 which stops me writing!