Sunday, 21 August 2011

Busy Busy

Busy week just gone.

Monday, my wife offered my services to go and paint the church hall. As a non-churchgoer I was surprised they couldn't find any volunteers from the congregation. Blessed are the painters and decorators.

Tuesday we went to check on my mum who is 90 in a few weeks and just decided at the eleventh hour that she is too frail to attend her grandson's wedding. Fair enough really. If you can't please yourself at that age when can you?

Wednesday was our first visit this year to Nottingham Theatre Royal's classic thriller season. Death By Fatal Murder was a spoof Agatha Christie-type murder mystery. Next week it's the more conventional Strangers On A Train. Looking forward to that.

Thursday was results day at the college where I work during exam season. Some happy faces. Some not so happy. Not a good idea to let your mum tag along when you know you've not done very well. At least use the bus ride home to think up some excuses.

Friday was the wedding. My son, Robert and Poppy, his bride. Under the bandstand at Sheffield's Weston Park. Glorious weather. Couldn't have been better. Even the guy who wandered into the tent and helped himself to a drink while we were outside having photos taken gave the day an unusual talking point. A few coppers amongst the guests managed to send him on his way. Could be an idea for a story...

Friday, 5 August 2011

Summer's Here

We seem to be well served with writers' clubs where I live.

Trowell Writers have packed up until September. We had our annual summer fuddle on Monday night. A few sandwiches, cakes, sausage rolls.

Nottingham Writers Club also has a summer break. Wednesday was their social and took the form of a murder mystery night. A few nibbles also on offer.

Erewash Writers held a two-hour workshop over Wednesday lunchtime. I'm not a member here but they often take part in some of the Trowell events and vice versa. A couple of us paid our £3 and went along. I thought it was two hours well spent.

Just results day coming up in a couple of weeks and that will be the last of my duties at college until the retakes in January.

With all these 'seasons' coming to an end it feels like old fashioned school holidays at the moment. And with the news that the story I sold to T-a-B Fiction Feast back in April has finally appeared in the latest (September) issue plus the fact that I've sold another to That's Life! (Australia) I'm starting to get into holiday mood.

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Success, Sales, Sorry and Solder

A bit of a mixed bag today:

I was fortunate enough to win Helen Yendall's mini-saga competition and you can read my entry and the runner-up on her blog here.

I've learnt that 100 Stories For Queensland has gone on sale in bookshops in Australia. It probably won't happen in the UK but it still gave me a buzz to see a picture of a book featuring one of my stories sitting next to the latest James Bond.

Next – an apology. For quite a while now Blogger has stopped displaying my Followers. I can't see anyone else's Followers either. The space is there but no icons with your lovely smiling faces. I know there are some new visitors who have left comments so if some of you have become Followers and are a bit miffed that I have not returned the compliment then rest assured that I have created a folder in the Favourites section on my browser for your links.

Carol of Carol's Corner has been giving me some tips, when we meet at NWC, on how to get my Followers back but so far nothing has worked. I've been on the Real Blogger Status site but that seems to assume I know all about domains and layered security (what?). It's not my computer because I get the same problem on my wife's laptop and the machines down the library. So if anyone out there has any ideas then all contributions are welcome. Being an engineer I'm a bit ashamed at my inability to sort out a technical problem. My excuse is that my degree in electronics was taken before all this computer black magic came along and when we were barely out of the valve era. Any faults could usually be fixed by a dab of solder. In fact, when my dad taught me how to solder, the soldering iron wasn't even electric. You had to place the tip in an open flame in order to heat it up. How I long for those simple days...