Friday, 27 January 2012

Back To Normal

The end of January already and I've just completed my last bit of exam duty at college until the summer. I also had the chance to resume the supervisory work I was doing before Christmas because one of the two permanent team members fell ill for a week. A third opportunity has arisen with the need for cover staff for the college library. I passed the interview and will shortly be undergoing training. With three jobs at the same place I feel a bit greedy. But it will still only amount to a few hours here and there.

Both my writers' clubs have resumed their meetings. The invited speakers, workshops and competitions for the year ahead are being finalised. Even Blogger seems back to normal after sorting out its recent problems. I can now start leaving comments again.

Payment for my accepted story at The People's Friend has appeared on my bank statement but I still haven't seen it in print yet. Can't be long now surely?

Also had a call from Marion Clarke at Yours magazine to say they have accepted my last submission.

I have had five stories accepted by five different magazines now, plus a newspaper and an anthology. I feel gratified that so many editors think I can write a bit. They can't all be wrong, can they? The worrying thing is that no-one has come back for a second one yet. It's amazing how a tiny bit of success can still leave you paranoid isn't it?