Friday, 23 March 2012

Two Successes (But Not Mine)

Today I'm happy to blog about the achievements of others.

Nottingham Writers' Verse Of The Year competition went well on Wednesday night. We had sixteen entries on the theme The Darkness Behind The Door. The winner was our Poetry Secretary, Viv Apple, who (surprisingly) has never won it before. We hand in our entries anonymously to be recited by a team of readers and then have a secret vote. It was gratifying for me to be amongst the majority that voted for the winner. Viv has had stories and articles published over the years but these days concentrates on poetry where her success has continued. You can hear Viv recite her poem here.

I think most people who visit this blog are grateful for the wonderful links that Patsy Collins posts for both poetry and prose competitions. They will also be aware that her d├ębut novel Escape To The Country has just been launched and she has been very busy guesting on other blogs. If you haven't visited Patsy's blog please take a look. You won't be disappointed.

Friday, 16 March 2012

My Number Is Up

At last my story Waiting For The Number Eighteen has appeared in this week's People's Friend – March 17th edition. I thought I must have missed it as it was accepted before Christmas and I was paid ages ago. First thing I did was ring my mum. The central character is named after her and the picture they've used even looks a bit like her.

Apart from that things have dried up a bit but I'm persevering. I did win Nottingham Writers' autumn prose competition with Rachael's Party and on Wednesday it's our Verse Of The Year competition which I won last year so I'll be trying to defend my title. I'll keep you informed of the result.