Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Cup Winner

I've won another cup.

O.k. it's a coffee mug really. This is me looking smug with my mug.

Those nice people at Words with Jam have sent me this prize for being one of the winners in their October Comp Corner.

Other news:

I found out last week that my latest story for Take a Break was not wanted for Fiction Feast. It had already been published in their Autumn Special. A quick dash down to the Co-op and I got myself a copy. I was shocked to find that the photo they have used looks a lot like me. Creepy.

Also last week I managed to track down a copy of The Weekly News from last November which had one of my stories in it. First time I'd seen it.

Waiting to receive the manuscripts for another competition I've got to judge. A ghost story set in or around Nottingham. Looking forward to some scary reads.


  1. Er, I mean congratulations FOR youR mug. ;-)

  2. Well done you on your cup and to find your story was rejected because they were already using it. Brilliant!

  3. Bet your coffee will taste all the better for being drunk from your prize mug! Well done on the TaB success.

  4. Thanks, Patsy. I'm sure that was a genuine typing error. Hmm...

    I didn't explain it very well, Paula. The story wasn't rejected. They told me they wanted it for Fiction Feast but when they rang to say the payment was being sorted out I found out it was in Autumn Special.

    Thanks, Joanne.

  5. Congratulations on the TAB success! I've sent them loads of stories in the past and never had an acceptance. Stand up and take a bow, Keith!

  6. Thanks, Sally. You have to persevere. That's only 2 stories in just over a year I've managed with TaB.

  7. What a lovely mug!
    I've awarded you the 'next bog thing' award. It's on my blog for you. Sorry that should read the next big thing, not bog : )

  8. Thanks, Helen.
    I'll do the Next Big Thing in a couple of days.