Saturday, 13 October 2012

Exceedingly Good


 to Carol at Carol's Corner for awarding me the Super Sweet Blogging Award. To accept it I have to answer the following questions:

1.Cookies or cake?
     Definitely cake. Isn't cookie an American word?
2.Chocolate or vanilla?
     Yes please.
3.What is your favourite sweet treat?
     Bread and butter pudding just like my Aunty Helen used to make.
     Even better than cake.
4.When do you crave sweet things most?
     When I'm awake.
5.If you had a sweet nickname what would it be?
     Mr Kipling.

I'm wheeling the sweet trolley across to Helen and Paula. If they're on a cyber-diet or don't fancy cyber-crumbs in the keyboard that's fine. If you do it, remember to copy the picture of cakes above.

PS Have you checked out Ace Of Cakes on Really Freeview 17?

While I'm posting stuff I thought I'd do a bit of bragging:
I have a story in A Year With Yours 2013 available on Amazon.

People's Friend seem keen on another story of mine. They've already asked for two lots of edits. Apparently it's nearly there.

Take a Break have asked to buy another story for Fiction Feast.

As the end of the year approaches things are beginning to look up a little.


  1. Thank you Keith and well done with your stories. PF is keen on your story! OMG, you lucky thing! :-)

  2. Hi Keith, I popped over from Paula's blog. You are going well with the stories. I enjoyed the one with the old lady at the bus stop who never actually got on a bus. Well done.

  3. Congratulations on the sales, near sale and the award.

  4. Lots of congratulations for the award and the FF sale :-) Fingers crossed for the PF story x

  5. are on a roll. Well done!

    I LOVE bread and butter pudding.

  6. Thanks, Paula. Have to keep trying.

    Glad you liked the story, Susan.

    Thanks, Patsy.

    It's been hard work, Teresa.

    Isn't B & B pudding just the best, Frances?

  7. Well done Keith on the story successes :) but as for the sweet things, I can resist. Now if it was cheese and crackers, that would be plain dangerous.

  8. Thanks, Alison. Now you've got me thinking about what type of cheese I like best.

  9. Great news about the stories, Keith.
    I loved your answer to: "When do you crave sweet things most?
    When I'm awake." :D

  10. Thanks, Carol. It was fun thinking up the answers. See you on Wednesday.

  11. Thank you for sending the cakes my way : )
    Congratulations on your stories!