Saturday, 1 December 2012

I Take Another Tentative Step Into The Twenty First Century

A few months ago I opened a Twitter account.

Having so far resisted the lure of social network sites I did so on the recommendation of other writers. They told me that it would increase my internet presence and thus help to promote my work. So who am I to argue with the experts?

Before taking the plunge I decided to have a look around and see what all the fuss is about. I wasn't impressed. I trawled a few sites only to be informed that someone I didn't know was sitting in Starbucks with a latte and laughing out loud (what at, they didn't say). Another stranger was deliberating over what colour socks to put on. Why this should be of interest to me I wasn't sure.

But I persevered and soon found a few sites that were more pertinent to my interests. I even discovered that several of you lovely people out there are already veteran Twitterers. (You know who you are). I learned that you can indeed publicise your work (and other people's) and you can pass on information that may be relevant to your friends. You can brag about your successes and moan about your failures. It's a bit like blogging but more immediate and concise.

I have an interesting assortment of Followers. Apart from friends and colleagues I have The British High Commission in Singapore, a restaurant in Coventry and a rock band from Los Angeles. I think that's what you call an eclectic mix.

I don't have a mobile phone (come off it, I'm not THAT far into the 21st century!) so I'm not going to be sitting in a restaurant and informing the world that the waiter's fly is undone. Neither will I announce to all and sundry that I am strolling through Tesco and laughing my bottom off. I have more important subjects to occupy my mind than to lapse into such banalities. My advice is that, if you use it sensibly, it won't excessively intrude into your life. But if you decide it's not for you there's no more to be said.

Anyway, I'm off to get a cup-a-soup. I can't make up my mind whether to have chicken and vegetable or carrot and lentil... Damn!