Monday, 28 January 2013

Still Learning

Just spent another few weeks observing college life while invigilating for the January exams. I've learnt another few facts about students:

Some don't know the meaning of the phrase “Stop writing.”
Some can't read an analogue clock.
Some think it's o.k. to exit a room and immediately stop to have a conversation despite the fact there are two hundred others trying to get out as well.

Many of them appreciate the efforts we put in to ensure they get the sort of exam conditions in which they can do their very best.
Quite a few are willing to battle through severe weather conditions to get to college.
Most of them work bloody hard.

On writing matters:

In early January I ran a workshop at Nottingham Writers' Club which seemed to go down quite well. The members enjoyed it and produced some wonderful pieces of writing in a very short time.

Marion Clark at Yours magazine has accepted another story for the 2014 Yearbook.

I've been informed that my story due to be published in People's Friend will appear in the 9th February edition.

Looking forward to some brighter weather which lifts the spirit and boosts the creative mind.