Friday, 8 November 2013

Women's Things

As you can imagine, being a man and writing short stories for women has its problems. I often have to research certain aspects of a story so that I know I have been accurate and realistic. Things like fashion, make-up and jewellery are subjects I know little about. Of course, these days the internet makes it easy to explore such topics. But it can have its drawbacks.

As you are probably aware, everything you do online is monitored. So much so that you only have to make an enquiry about, say, insurance and you are inundated with ads for life cover, car insurance, house protection etc. This has resulted in me being bombarded with promotions for ladies dresses, expensive perfume and diamond rings. When these offers pop up in my wife's e-mail I have to explain to that I have not been online shopping for her Christmas present. She should be so lucky.

Recently I have been putting together a story which involves a wife using a home pregnancy test and the husband buying those little blue tablets that help a man be a man... if you get my drift. Now, of course, my computer is full of ads for fertility testing and grotesque looking appliances that enhance certain parts of the male anatomy. Again I have had to justify this to my wife. I think she believed me.