Thursday, 20 February 2014

Don't Use The 'G' Word!

Say hello to my lovely new granddaughter.

She now has a name and it's Orla Kitty Cynthia Bruce-Havers.

Although we have no connections with the Emerald Isle, Orla derives from Irish and means Golden Princess.

I don't know what I'm going to be called yet but I can't see myself as (whisper) granddad. I may be nearly 62 but I still ride out on my triathlon bike, I can break into a sprint if necessary and still have all my own teeth (minus a few wisdoms). She'll always be my princess as long as she doesn't use the 'g' word.

 I've searched for some baby verses and found this one:

                           From private ease of mothers womb,
                           I fall into the lighted room.
                           Why dont they simply put me back?
                           Where it is warm and wet and black.
                                                                                  Thom Gunn

And here's my own pathetic effort:

               To rejoice in the birth of my lovely granddaughter,
                I've been wetting her head a lot more than I ought'er.
                When she's older, this tale will be something I've taught her,
                It's better to stick to Ribena and water.