Thursday, 20 February 2014

Don't Use The 'G' Word!

Say hello to my lovely new granddaughter.

She now has a name and it's Orla Kitty Cynthia Bruce-Havers.

Although we have no connections with the Emerald Isle, Orla derives from Irish and means Golden Princess.

I don't know what I'm going to be called yet but I can't see myself as (whisper) granddad. I may be nearly 62 but I still ride out on my triathlon bike, I can break into a sprint if necessary and still have all my own teeth (minus a few wisdoms). She'll always be my princess as long as she doesn't use the 'g' word.

 I've searched for some baby verses and found this one:

                           From private ease of mothers womb,
                           I fall into the lighted room.
                           Why dont they simply put me back?
                           Where it is warm and wet and black.
                                                                                  Thom Gunn

And here's my own pathetic effort:

               To rejoice in the birth of my lovely granddaughter,
                I've been wetting her head a lot more than I ought'er.
                When she's older, this tale will be something I've taught her,
                It's better to stick to Ribena and water.


  1. Congratulations to all the family Keith.

    You better think up an alternative for the 'G' word, before the choice gets taken out of your hands...:)

    1. Thanks, Carol.
      I might just stick with 'Keith'.

  2. Oh isn't she lovely and what a beautiful name too. Congratulations! I used to call my grandad, "Pop!" x

    1. Thanks, Teresa.
      My daughter-in-law is called Poppy so 'pop' might be a bit confusing.

  3. She is beautiful, Keith - you must be so proud. You worry about the G word at 62... Imagine how I felt when I became a grandparent at 42!

  4. 42? Wow! I think women accept it better though. My wife Ruth is going to be Nanny Havers and she is loving it.

  5. CONGRATULATIONS! There is nothing sweeter than a precious grandchild, and nothing more delightful than being an adored grandparent. I don't care what our wee ones (we have 13!) call us, but they mostly call us Grandma and Grandpop. (And it always sounds as though there's an exclamation point at the end.)

  6. Thanks, Susan.
    I think I'm going to leave it up to Orla to decide. It'll be a couple of years yet before the situation arises and maybe I'll have come to terms with it by then.

  7. Bless her and you too. You're need to keep fit because she will have you running in circles around her little finger. :-)

  8. Hi, Paula. Thanks.
    Sorry I haven't visited your blog for a while but, as you can see, things have been a bit hectic. I see you have a new blog now so I've put it on my bookmark list.

  9. Congratulations Keith. You and I are both celebrating becoming the 'g' word this year. My daughter is expecting twin girls in April - my first grandchildren. To say I'm excited is an understatement. Love your poem! Ange : )

  10. Thanks, Angela.
    I hope everything goes well with your family. Be sure to post some photos.

  11. Congratulations on becoming ... a parent of a parent, Keith.

  12. It's a strange feeling, Patsy. Thanks.