Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Busy Time

May and June are busy months for me.

'A' Levels have only just finished at Bilborough College and I had to fit in my job as exam invigilator around my other work at Stephenson College. There was a big student intake this year and a few experienced invigilators have left which made it all the more difficult. We got through it though and I'm looking forward to handing out results in August.

I had a nasty crash on my bike at the end of May. This was due to a mechanical problem and no other vehicles were involved. I came down hard on my shoulder and cut my arm. The pain is receding now but I still haven't got full mobility in my arm.

At least I had some good news about my bike the other day. The clever guy at PH Ultra Sport in Beeston has managed to straighten the rear forks. If it had snapped it would have meant scrapping the bike. Just waiting to get a new gear set fitted. In the meantime I'm having to get around Nottingham on my old mountain bike. Compared with my titanium frame, light-as-a-feather triathlon bike it's like pedalling a tank.

There has been plenty of other stuff to further distract me from my writing. The Test Matches have been fascinating so far, Nottinghamshire is doing well in The County Championship and the rugby internationals have given cause for optimism. The Tour de France begins in a couple of weeks and I'll be going up to Sheffield to watch the second stage if my bike is ready in time.

On top of all this I've had a birthday, my baby granddaughter is beginning to show her mischievous side and my old person's bus pass has just arrived in the post. So feeling my age just a little bit.

In spite of all this there is some writing news. A batch of four stories which I sent to Jill Finlay at The Weekly News earlier this year were all accepted. I've never sold four in one go before. Two have already been published and the other two will appear over the next few weeks. I've been told that a story that has been accepted by The People's Friend will appear in their July 12th edition. I'm hoping to explain the inspiration behind this one in my next post.