Sunday, 7 December 2014

Just An Excuse

I started this post to tell you about a few more writing successes but really it's just an excuse to put up more pictures of my lovely granddaughter, Orla, who is now 10 months old. Strangely, all of the following items have a water-based theme.


Here she is looking forward to a bath. She loves the water whether it's in the bath or the swimming pool. She attends a weekly swimming group for babies and has gained her first certificate before moving up to the next level. I think she's going to be a triathlete like me.


Here she is enjoying strawberries and blackberries. My son and daughter-in-law have to strip her off because blackberry stains are a nightmare to get out. She has to be put under the shower afterwards. You can just see her big brother, Finlay, staying well out of the way in the background.

Oh... I nearly forgot about the writing.
Nottingham Writers' Club held its annual awards night last week. As well as collecting my trophy for Verse Of The Year which I won back in March, I found out that I had won the prize for a radio play in which the theme was Adverse Weather. I entered a comedy based on Noah and the great flood involving a case of mistaken identity. It was judged by local broadcaster Graham Wright who is also a club member.

I also won one of the raffle prizes – a box of various scented shower gels. So that's the wife's Christmas present sorted.