Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Finding Time

Happy New Year!

Since Christmas I've really struggled to keep up with Twittering, Blogging, answering e-mails etc, not to mention trying to get some writing done, so I've bought Kath McGurl's e-book Give Up Ironing. It's a self-help book on time management for writers and the title refers to the fact that many of us get bogged down in domestic chores, rather than actually sitting down to write. I'm now trying to put Kath's ideas into practice. At least now I've read the book, got the t-shirt, as they say. (But not ironed it – obviously).

For those of you that don't know, Kath's alter-ego is womagwriter, that source of submission guidelines that all us magazine writers find invaluable.

 One distraction that I'm not going to give up is spending time with my granddaughter, Orla, who will be one year old in a couple of weeks.

She doesn't like wasting food and has found that the best way to ensure her cereal bowl is empty is to wear it on her head.

Here she is trying to get to grips with using cutlery. Hasn't quite got the hang of it yet but I'm sure she soon will.

I must be getting some work done because I've had 3 stories published already in 2015 and there are another 2 in the pipeline. With Kath's guidance I'm hoping for a good year.