Thursday, 12 March 2015

Gaffer's Little Helper

Hello, everybody. Orla here.

I'm helping my granddad out today (or Gaffer as he prefers to be called). He's been too busy again this month to post on his Blog so I'm doing it for him.

I've made this collage to cheer him up.
He had another one of those stories he writes in The People's Friend last month. I was a little mischievous the other week when I found a copy on the table and tore it up. I like tearing things up. He didn't get mad though. I smiled at him. Seems to work with granddad. Not with mum though.

Here's me being a rascal at Christmas. I managed to reach the bauble on Boxing Day and brought the whole lot crashing down. Won't be trying that again.



Here's me on my horse that granddad and nanna bought me.


Here's big brother Finlay with his new Xbox (whatever that is).

Granddad and nanna came to my first birthday party last month. They didn't buy me toys as I had a lot for Christmas but I did get some nice things to keep me warm when I'm asleep.

In fact I'm feeling sleepy now so I'll say 'bye' and see you soon.