Monday, 21 September 2015

Busy Busy

Time for another blog. It seems to have become just a monthly post lately.

My story The Box In The Corner was in The People's Friend Special No.111 last month and my latest Call Me Madam is in this month's No.112.

I found that I had applied for The People's Friend York workshop just in time as it is now fully booked. I believe there are still a few places available at the other venues. Looking forward to that on October 22nd.

I'm also having a go at their serial writing competition. You need to write a 6000 word first instalment and a synopsis of the whole story. The winner will get help in writing the final two instalments of 5000 words each. Closing date is October 30th so there is still plenty of time.

Finally – my main sources of inspiration:

This is my lovely daughter-in-law
with Finlay and Orla
on a bike ride.

       Here are Finlay and Orla enjoying sandwiches outside their great grandmother's home.