Friday, 23 October 2015

Shock Horror! Editors Have A Sense Of Humour

It's been a bit of a busy week.

Last Sunday was awards day at Trowell Writers' Club. We don't have many members but the turnout was excellent and it seems like I made some popular choices as the prose judge. So I'm relieved about that.

I sold my 40th story a few weeks ago and my latest is in the October 24th edition of People's Friend. Pleased with that too.

On Thursday October 22nd I went up to York to attend a People's Friend short story writing workshop. This was run by the magazine's commissioning fiction editor Shirley Blair with the assistance of prolific writer Kate Blackadder. As writers it's sometimes easy to believe that editors are grim people whose only purpose in life is to make our existence miserable by criticizing our work and rejecting our submissions. Well, either we're all wrong or Shirley is a remarkable exception. The talks were upbeat, the exercises were fun and she even threw in a few jokes. There were 25 attendees whose age range must have spanned around 6 decades, the oldest being a sprightly 92 year old. I met a fellow writer who I had already met on a couple of previous events at Nottingham Writers' Club and another lady who works as an extra on Emmerdale. Some, like myself, had already had successes with a few magazines while others had not yet submitted anything. The event was really useful to me and I'm really glad I didn't miss out. If you want to submit to People's Friend it's essential that you keep up to date with their guidelines which can be found on the PF website.