Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Interesting Or Just Unconventional?

Last month at Nottingham Writers' Club we were given an excellent talk by Siobhan Logan entitled Author at Work: the business end of writing. One of the pieces of advice she gave out was concerned with creating your writing CV. Today I've acted on that information and rewritten my profile. I've tried to make myself seem more interesting but I don't know if I've achieved that.

You be the judge:

Although he spent thirty five years as an engineer (a notoriously illiterate profession which communicates in abbreviations and acronyms), Keith Havers now applies his grammar school education in his occupation as an author. He has had short stories published in various magazines and anthologies and has also run writing workshops and judged several competitions.

Keith was born in Tamworth, Staffordshire where he inherited a rustic sense of humour from his Norfolk-born father and a healthy cynicism from his mother. He now lives with his wife in Nottingham where his time is split between being a writer and a college supervisor.

Despite working in the electronics industry for many years Keith is wary of the current obsession and reliance on technology as he believes it can stifle creativity. Also, he doesn't like the idea of carrying a gadget in his pocket that is smarter than he is.

In his spare time he likes to take a brisk bike ride and relive his sporting achievements as a Triathlon and Powerman competitor. But his main form of exercise these days is entertaining his two grandchildren – a far more exhausting activity.

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