Monday, 13 November 2017

This Is What It's All About

We all live in the real world. We have jobs to do, bills to pay and promises to keep. Sometimes we get ill, lonely or depressed. We have no control over the circumstances into which we are born. Some are stinking rich, some dirt poor, but most of us are somewhere in between.

Given these inescapable facts of life it is fortunate that we have ways of distracting our minds from the drudgery of modern living. As writers we have an invaluable talent to offer a wormhole into another world. Our readers can escape to another time, another place. It doesn't matter if we make them laugh or cry. We can give them a fright, arouse their emotions or just give them something to think about. At the back of their minds they know that they can close the book, put down the magazine or switch off the Kindle.

When you've had a series of rejections or feel you've had a bad review remember that readers are spending their hard-earned money in exchange for a few minutes of escapism. After reading your work they will return to the daily grind having had a moment of respite. They may even tell someone else about the experience. Think of that when you feel undervalued.

We sell entertainment.

Write something today.