Sunday, 17 December 2017

It's Nearly All Over

Only a few days to go and we'll be back to normal adverts on the TV.

I get fed up with the same Chistmassy ones from early November that think they're being cute and clever. The only thing going for them in my opinion is that there are some great story ideas in there for us writers. These are the ones that have triggered my imagination this year:

The two sisters swapping Christmas presents who we then see in flashback fighting on the street as kids and comparing make-up in the bathroom as teenagers all to the soundtrack of Caravan Of Love. (Boots)

The young lad encouraging his sister to feed the reindeer and put the star on the tree. (Morrisons)

The BBC trailer with the little girl who wants to dance but her dad always seems busy. This one begs the question – where's mum?

Do you have any favourites?

Have a great Christmas everyone.